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parquet laying

Laying parquet is a very important and responsible process. We know everything about wooden parquet and are ready to share this knowledge with you. With proper laying, the parquet will last you for many years. Our company guarantees the obtaining of a beautiful, even and durable floor covering!


We offer professional services for the complete restoration of old parquet of any complexity, restoration of individual parquet sections and even with the loss of individual parts. We are equally cautious about traditional flooring from a parquet board, and to exclusive artistic coverings.


Before the beginning of the parquet works, the question arises as to what materials the parquet floor should be made from. Our employees will help you choose the pattern of the parquet suitable for the future interior of the room. They will select the color scheme according to the style of the room and the reliability of the further use of the floors.


The color of the parquet can be changed with the help of toning. The materials we use transform the coatings and make them as durable as possible. The surface of the parquet needs a multilayer coating with parquet varnish, so that the floor has good protection against the effects of moisture and mechanical stress. Thanks to this, the color is preserved for many years.

Eliminate of squeaking

Sounds of squeaking can arise for various reasons. Since parquet is a natural material, it is also possible its deformation with time. To begin with, it is necessary to understand and identify the cause of the squeak, after which it is necessary to deal with the elimination of this fact. This problem can be professionally eliminated by specialists of our company.


One of the most effective types of restoration work on the parquet floor is grinding. It makes the wood coating smooth and smooth. From the quality of polishing depends directly on the appearance and durability of the wooden floor. We undertake the tasks of any complexity and demonstrate an individual approach to each individual project.

"CS Poland"

The business I am doing brings a good mood, comfort, comfort to me and the people around me. In addition, the tree is a living, amazing material. It carries positive energy. Good parquet is not a cheap pleasure, just like a good car. You have chosen a serious material, then everything else should match your level. The quality of work for us is the most important thing! Realize your wishes in reality will help professional employees of our company.

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